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Food Conveyor Belt Hygienic Grade

Food Grade Conveyor Belt Hygienic

Food Conveyor Belt Hygienic Grade

HIC India Food Conveyor Belt Hygienic Grade Rubber PVC Belts Manufacturers: Made In UK China Brazil Haiti Quality Belting Lacing Fastener Replacement

UK China Brazil Haiti food conveyor belt hygienic grade rubber n PVC food conveyor belt lacing fastener suppliers trust HIC manufacturers quality replacement to diamond surface belting Thailand manufacturer, smooth belt Dominican suppliers- belts lacing India exporters to Mexico, Pakistan: conveyor belt lacing fastener, diamond surface food-belting, smooth finish pvc belts, food grade rubber belts, hygienic food-grade belting, belt lacing, food belting importers of Paramaribo Suriname, Metro Manila Philippines, New South Wales Australia, Buenos Aires Argentina, Bogota Colombia, New Jersey United States, Boksburg Gauteng South Africa buy food grade conveyor belting and steel belt lacing from India suppliers, HIC International Co Inc, an Indian company.

Unparalleled HIC Universal Food Grade Conveyor Belting and Fastener Belt Clips Exported to Suriname, Philippines, Dominican Rep., Thailand, Argentina, UK

Food Grade Conveyor belt hic non-toxic food quality PVC belting manufactured of FDA approved polymers off-white color in Endless pvc belt sizes as well as in Open Ends length polyester textile ply reinforced food belting in diamond surface food grade belting and smooth finish pvc food belting most ideal for food processing conveying systems, PVC food belts manufactured up to 3000mm width in 2 ply, 3 textile ply rating in belt thickness 2mm, 2.7mm, 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm max. Till 100 meters long length, appropriate substitute to flat food conveying belts of made in UK or Netherlands or China of other producers, for use in sea-food processor, fish conveying, hygiene meat conveying, tea leaf conveying, fruit sorting conveying belts, vegetables wash conveying, processed sugar conveyor belt application belts.

•    Hygienic belting hic food industry conveyor belts manufactured of synthetic rubber nylon textile fabric plies reinforcement tasteless food grade belts off-white color in Endless size or in Open Ends length most ideal for sugar processing conveyors system and CTC tea machinery, hygienic food conveyor belting manufactured up to 1000mm width in 3 ply, 4 textile ply rating in food grade rubber covers thickness 1.5mm x1.5mm, 3mmx1.5mm, 3mmx3mm, 4mmx2mm 6mm and other configurations Till 200 meters long length, appropriate substitute to food-safe hygienic conveyor belts of made in UK or Philippines or China of other manufacturers, for use in refined sugar food grade belting, tea fermenting machine food conveyor belt application hygienic belt. Also, manufacturers of general purpose conveyor belting, heat resistant belts, oil resistant belts, fire resistant belting, EP polyester conveyor belts, Nylon belting as per characteristics of materials handling.
•    Conveyor Belt Lacing hic crocodile teeth alligator type belt lacing fastener system and mechanical belt fasteners most ideal for quick installation smooth belt joint that enters parallel to the length of conveyor-belting manufactured in 16 inches to 48” wide till 9mm thick belt jointing steel lacing clip as well as staple fastener system single-piece fastener strips with pre-inserted staples and solid plate bolt fasteners till 25mm Thick high tension heavy duty rubber belt jointing, equal performance substitute to belts fastener systems made in USA or Australia or UK of other producers, for use in light duty food processing belting, main haulage rubber conveyor belts belt fastener application.

Toxic free Food-safe Conveying Systems Belt and Staple Belt Fasteners, No Discrepancy !

Exporters of HIC make UNIVERSAL brand food conveyor, white rubber belts, white nitrile belting, PVC general purpose transport belt, white pvc food grade belting, PU belting, staple tools for staple fasteners, metal belt fasteners, conveyor belt lacing superseding relevant IS, BS, DIN, ISO quality standards FDA approved polymers pvc food belts, hygienic food grade rubber belting, industrial belts fastener produced in ultra-modern manufacturing factories at New Delhi and UP Ghaziabad ISO 9001 certified industry of India. 

Food Grade Conveyor belt supplied by HIC in Surrey UK, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Calcio Italy, Benoni Gauteng South Africa, Dibrugarh Assam India, Panipat Haryana India, Noida Uttar Pradesh India, Kolkata Bengal India, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Ahmedabad Gujarat India. 

Staple Belt fastener supplied by HIC in Port-au-Prince Haiti, Bavinchove Northern France, Birmingham UK, Taipei Taiwan, Wellington New Zealand, Texas USA, Lancashire UK, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Agra Uttar Pradesh India, Ludhiana Punjab India.

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Kwaliteit transportbanden Fabrikanten: Made in India Sterke-Duty Transportband plaatsvervanger

HIC vervaardigd Universal transportbanden, kolenmijnactiviteiten rubber transportband BELTING vervangen van sterke-duty transportband door industrieën van Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Utrecht-Nederland, Engeland-Wales-UK, Dublin-Ierland, India.

Ongeëvenaarde HIC universele transportband Belting geëxporteerd naar Nederland, het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Ierland

•    Draag-proof rubber hic MN rang transportbanden voor kolen, zout, papier-pulp-, zink-erts, tabak vervoer.
•    Hygiënische rubber en PVC-food grade transportbanden voor de uitvoering van verwerkte levensmiddelen, suiker, vlees-producten.
•    Fire-Resistant transportbanden voor ontvlambare zwavel, steenkool materials handling.
Kwaliteit Transportbanden, geen verschil!

HIC Universal merk transportband BELTING kwaliteit zijn vervaardigd met continue onderzoek en ontwikkeling, geproduceerd in ultra-moderne fabriek in India met topklasse moderne machines en testen van apparatuur bemand door speciaal geschoolde arbeiders werking als vervanging van relevante NEN, DIN, ISO kwaliteitsnormen.

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