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Plate Type Conveyor Belt Fastener

Plate Type Conveyor Belt Fastener

Plate Type Conveyor Belt Fastener

Solid Plate Type Conveyor Belt Fastener Manufacturers: HIC Universal

Solid plate type conveyor belt fastener manufactured in hardened and tempered steel plates used as mechanical fasteners for jointing heavy duty rubber conveyor belting transporting sand, stone, cement, coal, salt and aggregate material handling application as per IS: 10288 specifications produced by HIC Universal India exporters of hawk plate fasteners to Canada, South Africa, Australia, England UK, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Russia, USA, Indonesia, Singapore, Morocco, EU, Peru.

Bolt Solid Plate Belt Fastener Specification as per IS 10288: HIC Universal

Manufacturers Suppliers of Bolt Solid Plate Belting Fastener system produced by HIC Universal in nine sizes to accommodate rubber-belt thickness from 3/16" (5 mm) to 15/16" (24 mm) manufactured in India located Delhi and Uttar Pradesh factories from fastener sizes 1 to 3.

Twin mounting bolts built into each bottom plate, piloted bolt tips for easier nut placement and bolts preassembled with pp washer is used by HIC Universal in manufacturing high tensile plate fastener product, fully tested as per IS and international standards that covers full testing in well-equipped HIC’s Testing Laboratory and stamped with identification coding.

Plate Type Belt-Fastener’s Test Certificate of HIC’s Lab forwarded along-with the supplies.

Warranty: Manufacturer warrantees plate type belt fasteners to be free from manufacturing defects and shall replace or repair if found defective in workmanship within 1 year from the date of shipment.


Fastener size no. Belt-thickness range For belt with mechanical fastener rating up to Recommended minimum pulley diameter (operating tension 75% -100% of belt rating)
  inch mm p.i.w kn/m in. mm
1 3/16-7/16 5-11 150 30 12 300
140 3/16-7/16 5-11 225 40 14 350
190 5/16-9/16 8-14 330 60 18 450
1-1/4 1/4 to 3/8 8 to 12.5 300 50 14 350
1-1/2 7/16-11/16 11-17 300 50 18 450
2 9/16-13/16 14-21 440 75 30 750
2-1/4 9/16-1-3/16 14-30 620 105 36 900
2-1/2 3/4-1 19-25 450 75 42 1050
3 15/16 & over 24 & over 560 100 48 1200

* Fastener sets requirement are approximately up to 5% roughly of belt width.

Method to Fix Mechanical Belt Fasteners

hic Place the squared ends of the belt together and nail the template into position, taking care that the plugs on the template are inserted between the belt ends. Bend the nails outwards to prevent the template rising from the belt-surface. Punch the holes, using the appropriate size of special HIC Universal straight sided belt punch.
hicUniversal Remove the template. Push the bolt ends through the punched holes ends through punched holes from the underside of the belting.
hic universal Place the top plates in position and apply the slotted nuts loosely by hand. Ensure plates are positioned accurately.
HIC India Run down each nut evenly with a brace or hand wrench (also produced by HIC Universal).
Hic africa Hammer the plates into the belt surface using a metal block placed across the fasteners and between the nuts. Again then re-tighten, using the wrench until the top plate is fully bedded into the belt surface.
Hic Fasteners Break off the protruding ends of the bolts using pair bolt breakers (also manufactured by HIC Universal). Rivet over the ends of the bolts.